Founded in 2016, Cianci Creative, LLC is a Connecticut-based digital production company that brings the best technical and creative folks together to connect businesses and professionals to their customers.  We create video content and marketing materials that establish your unique brand and improve your bottom line.

Located in Glastonbury, CT, Cianci Creative provides services to companies across New England and the East Coast.

Michael Cianci - Founder / Chief Creative Force

I like to tell stories.  Great stories if possible.  And I want to tell your story.  What makes you unique, what gets you up in the morning.  What you do best, how you got there, where you’re headed next.  What makes you…  you.

I've been telling stories through words and pictures for the last decade, and I want to get your best story out into the world.  Ready?

Pick up the phone, or send an email and tell me what you'd like to do. Let's figure out how to get your business the attention it deserves.

You deserve.

You've worked hard, and it's time to share your story.  

We're here to help.

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