Video Routing App

  • Zillow connectivity to be included in presentation on 1/31

  • Leads and Contacts are separate entities; contacts are all individuals other than leads (e.g., realtor, attorney)

Reno App

  • Initial requirements provided by Vin to Mark and Mike

  • Need to determine when development can begin

  • Webinar link to Renovation Financing Training added

  • Future webinar schedule will be published on this site

  • All stock photography and content will be replaced


  • Logos sent to Vin for review

Upcoming / Required Activities

  • Determine social media strategy for webinar promotion

  • Develop style guide for overall company branding

  • Determine webinar schedule for upcoming month

    • Renovation Financing Training for Realtor Pros

    • RenoRhino - Learn to buy a home with Renovation Monies included